Why mental health?
Because I care.

Anxiety has been a challenge for that YAM Tengku Puteri, from adolescence until the present day as a mother, wife and working woman. But it is a challenge she has managed with the support of her loved ones. She has also encountered her fair share of negativity towards anxiety, and the stigmatisation of mental health in general. As such, mental health has always been a topic close to YAM Tengku Puteri’s heart.

She was encouraged to share her story, so that others who experience these same challenges know they are not alone. YAM Tengku Puteri’s journey in managing her anxiety embodies the fact that mental health challenges can be overcome and managed with love, compassion and understanding. 

YAM Tengku Puteri began her advocacy three years ago with some outreach on mental health. The more YAM Tengku Puteri reached out, the more support and encouragement she received from the public, as well as stakeholders in mental health. 

In August 2020, YAM Tengku Puteri was invited to be the International Patron of World Mental Health Day 2020 – a decision that was endorsed by the World Health Organization and other United Nations agencies. Since October 2020, YAM Tengku Puteri has taken her mental health journey onto new heights as the face and ambassador of mental health in Malaysia. She founded the Green Ribbon Group in January 2021 – a social enterprise with the aim of pushing the mental health agenda forward in Malaysia. 

Looking back, given YAM Tengku Puteri’s passion and dedication to the cause, the Green Ribbon Group was a long time coming. It is especially timely now, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the urgent need to ensure accessible mental healthcare for all.